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Our Motto


VP Business Advisory Solutions’ core purpose is providing ongoing client centric service excellence to its clients by applying the best principles, ethics and standards available in the industry to every aspect of the business.


VP Business Advisory Solutions (Pty) Ltd wants to empower its clients, employees and community and urge them to employ these practices as well.



VM Meslane - CEO

VM Meslane



VP Business Advisory Solutions (Pty) Ltd is 100% black owned - BBBEE Level 1, independent authorized financial services provider - FSP No.51543 which provides various types of Insurance and Investment solutions, from Long-term Insurance, Short-term insurance (Commercial & Personal), Healthcare Benefits, Retirement, Investment and Funeral solutions.


VP Business Advisory Solutions (Pty) Ltd.’s management team has 17 years knowledge and experience in the financial services Industry.

About Us


We believes in providing best selection of insurance, risk, retirement, healthcare benefits, investment and funeral solutions that addresses the client's need.


To achieve this, wehave contracted with industry Product Providers that providetailor-made client centric financial services products.

Our Mission



To create and provide alternative, quality and competitive financial services products for the retail and commercial market whilst ensuring customer centricity and maintaining the protection of their lives and assets.


To be the premier 100% black owned financial services provider in South Africa specialising in 360 financial services solutions for the retail and commercial market

Our governance operating model consists of five major components:


  • Structure:  which includes organization design and reporting structure, committee structures and charters, and control and support function interdependencies


  • Oversight  & Compliance responsibilities: which define board oversight, compliance responsibilities, committee and management responsibilities, accountability matrices, and management hiring and firing authority


  • Talent and culture: which enable the behaviours and activities required for effective governance by establishing compensation policies (particularly regarding incentives), promotion policies, business and operating principles, performance measurement and management, training, and leadership and talent development programs


  • Infrastructure: which comprises of governance and risk oversight policies and procedures, reports, measures and metrics, and management capabilities, and the enabling IT and communications support. Within these components, some of the key aspects of an effective governance operating model that are addressed include:


  • Board oversight and responsibilities: The board carries out oversight responsibility across the organization in areas such as business and risk strategy, organization, financial soundness, and regulatory compliance.



Our Governace Model Framework